Nationals’ Bryce Harper Acts as We’ve Created Him To

Washington Nationals v Atlanta Braves

On June 30th, Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper made some loose statements pertaining to the lineup that was considered controversial by the baseball community. Harper is 21 years old. He’s been in the league for about two and a half years and baseball says he’s not allowed to express his opinion just yet. Or so the some […]

BitC 2014 American League All-Stars: Offense Edition


BitC will begin doling out mid-season awards, all-first half teams, and picking the AL and NL All-Star teams in the coming days. Today we start with who SHOULD be on the American League All-Star team without regard to the spectacle that is the MLB voting process. I’ve summed up my picks with three categories–wOBA/wRC+/WAR. Below […]

Clayton Kershaw and Sandy Koufax Share The Mound


So its common knowledge today that Clayton Kershaw pitched what might be the best game of the modern era last night at Dodger Stadium. So, I decided to take his triumphant moment and combine it with one of Sandy Koufax‘s 4 no-hitters. Here they are, some 50 years apart–the greatest Dodger then and the greatest […]

Yadier Molina Knocks Down Noriachi Aoki


I’ve gotten pretty GIF-happy lately and its shots like this that cease to put an end to it. Submitted for your approval is a clip that would probably go into one of those 1980′s baseball bloopers videos–or perhaps in that baseball montage from the first Naked Gun movie. Here we see the impeccable Yadier Molina […]

Anthony Rendon Is a Passable Third Baseman

Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals

On May 31st, Washington Nationals’ infielder Anthony Rendon did this: Impressive, right? Considering Rendon has a career .688 RZR through 492 innings at third base, this is flat-out amazing and many every day third basemen would find this play fairly onerous. Normally stationed over at second, Rendon’s been filling in for injured starting third basmen Ryan Zimmerman (who is […]

A GIF To Give Cubs Fans Hope


  So Chicago Cubs have this guy in their farm system named Javier Baez who hits the ball pretty hard (Baseball America’s no. 7 prospect). Yes, it actually was hit out of the park in case you were wondering. No, he won’t improve the Cubs’ chances to become winners anytime soon (full video HERE).

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